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  Posted: 02/20/2018

Ashton, Maryland


Laguna Beach, California


Online Coaching is conducted by a variety of licensed practitioners and certified relationship coaches through online text – based instant messaging and by phone. Not only is it convenient – you can literally be in any remote location where you have access to a phone or computer – but it is also highly effective, relatively anonymous, and completely confidential.

Online Coaching is ideal for:

  • Setting and achieving relationship goals
  • Rekindling intimacy and connection
  • Getting your relationship “unstuck”
  • Coping with/recovering from infidelity
  • Deciding whether to stay or go
  • Ending your relationship with dignity
  • Adjusting to a separation
  • Surviving/Recovering from a breakup or divorce
  • Addressing children’s issues related to separation or divorce

For more on the pros and cons of Online Coaching, click here.

To participate in Online Coaching, you must purchase an online coaching package. Packages are available as follows:

Special! Purchase any package below & receive an additional 15 minutes free with your initial purchase.

25 minutes $ 300  per minute .......... $ 7500  
50 minutes $ 250  per minute .......... $ 12500   - Save 17%!
100 minutes $ 225  per minute .......... $ 22500   - Save 25%!
150 minutes $ 200  per minute .......... $ 30000   - Save 33%!
200 minutes $ 250  per minute .......... $ 50000   - Save 17%!

To compare the cost of online coaching to traditional face-to-face in-office therapy, click here

For TERMS OF USE, click here.


To begin an Online Coaching session right now, or to make an appointment with a coach for a later date, you will be required to complete the following 6 steps:

Step 1 – You will select the type of coaching you wish to participate in (i.e. phone or instant message)

Step 2 – You will select a coach (from the list that will be provided to you).

Step 3 – You will read and agree to the Coach's Privacy Statement and Coaching Agreement.

Step 4 – You will complete the Online Coaching Questionnaire; and

Step 5 – You will add the coach you select as your sponsor and grant him/her access to view your Online Coaching Questionaire; and

Step 6 – You will make contact (or set-up an appointment) with the coach you have selected.

To start a session RIGHT NOW, click here:

To make an appointment with a coach for a later date, click here:

* 15 minutes free only applies to your initial purchase. It does not apply to subsequent purchases.



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