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  Posted: 02/20/2018

Evanston, Illinois


Laguna Beach, California

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Reno, Nevada
United States

Current Level of Distress
As of: 08/21/2008

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Gender: Male
Age: 42
Status: Separated
Contact Preference: Males and Females

Personal Details

Race: Mixed Race

Education: Prefer not to say

Occupation: Prefer not to say

Languages: English

Religion: Prefer not to say

Interests: Cars / Motorcycles, Hiking / Camping, Motor Racing

Relationship Status: Separated

Relationship Duration:  1-3 years

Children: none

Strife Factors: Incompatibility, Poor communication, Lack of attraction

Issues Being Confronted: Feeling Anxious, I'm no longer in Love with my Spouse/Partner



How/Where We Met

At her sister's wedding. She was the maid of honor and I was a groomsmen.

What Attracted Me

She was into the same music as me, lot's of shared interests and chemistry

Where Things Stand Now

We are divorcing and she is being completely irrational and difficult to deal with.

What I Am (we are) Hoping To Accomplish

Trying to feel less stressed out and guilty about the whole thing

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. Pay attention to red flags such as displays of anger, controlling, or manipulative behavior, as well as inconsistent statements that vary from the Member's profile or previous statements.

. If you encounter any problems with another member, please report this immediately to the Website Administrator.

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