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Break up
By: Anonymous
Age: 34
8/30/2011 11:28:25 AM

My ex girlfriend and I broke up about 6 months ago. She ended up having sex wih her ex boyfriend that she still had strong feeling for. A couple months ago we decided to try being just friends. It got out of hand and we started talking a lot and hooked up a few times. Then a few days ago, when everything was going good, or so I thought, she starts ignoring me. She says that she wouldn't mind talking once in a while, but we can't be close friends. She says she doesn't want to talk at all anymore. She says she's just giving up because it isn't working.  Her excuses for wanting to not talk anymore are that I am smothering her and her friends all hate me, so it's too difficult because if we hang out she has to lie to her friends. I said WTF who tells their friends to not talk to them anymore. I thought we were close. I feel like my friend just broke up with me. She says well most people just drift apart or whatever. You don't go away, so I have to tell you to get away. Her reasons for not talking anymore seem like BS to me and I think she met another guy or something. Anyway she turned out to be the cruelest person I've ever met. So she has a lot of my sweatshirts, I gave her exepensive jewelry and a WII while we were dating. I don't think I would want my stuff back in most situations, but I don't think she deserves the stuff I got her. I got a her a watch. I'm  like don't you feel guilty everytime you look to see what time it is? I don't understand how she can treat me like this, but she just says no, I don't even think of you when I look at it. But I ask for my stuff back and she's like no that stuff is mine and you can't have it back. It's the principle of it. But why would she even want the stuff I got her if she doesn't care about me? She doesn't want the stuff because it reminds her of me, she just wants it because she thinks it is hers. Am I wrong to feel like she should give me back my stuff if she is going to be a complete bitch to me? We also have common friends, so when there is a get together, she makes sure I'm not invited. I swear this girl is the devil. But I just want my stuff back so I can sell it and get some of my money back. It also pisses me off that she wears the jewelry all the time, even when she is hooking up with other guys.

Reply Posted By: U'Lawnda Lewis, LPC - Female, SnellvilleGeorgia

Date Posted:
9/13/2011 12:10:00 PM

U'Lawnda Lewis, LPC

Maybe you need to think about cutting your losses.  What you want back are material things that can be replaced.  If you want personal growth, let go and move forward.



Disclaimer: This posting does not indicate a therapeutic relationship.



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