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Long distance relationship, having an affair
By: Kendra
Age: 48, 
Las Vegas
8/20/2008 7:44:48 PM
My boyfriend and I live together part-time and have been together over 2  1/2 years.  It seems every time he is getting ready to go back to Los Angeles we start picking fights with eachother.  He makes me feel so bad about myself and our sex life is really lousy lately.  I am having an affair with another guy who makes me feel wonderful and special, but I really love my boyfriend more.  What should I do?

Reply Posted By: RubyRed - Female, Age: 43, SeattleWashington

Date Posted:
8/30/2008 4:44:45 AM

If you really love the guy, then end the affair.  I think the reason you two pick fights before he leaves is a form of detaching so that you can deal with the time apart.  Long distance relationships have got to be really hard.  I'm just not one for cheating at all.

Reply Posted By: Seeker - Female, Age: 53, Fort CollinsColorado

Date Posted:
9/2/2008 3:41:33 PM

It sounds like you have some hard choices to make.  Having the long distance thing going can't possibly be satisfying for either one of you. 



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