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  Affairs 101
    How do you “define” an affair?
    Are affairs normal?
    Why do women cheat?
    How long do affairs last?
  Why People Have Affairs
    Repeated affairs
    “Diagnosing” the cause of affairs
    What needs aren’t being met?
    He said his affair was my fault
  Online Affairs
    Falling in love online
    Online Relationships
    Lying about online affairs
  Emotional Affairs
    Emotionally attached
    Emotional involvement?
    Do I have a platonic affair?
  Suspicions of an Affair
    I don’t trust him anymore
    Is he having an affair?
    Suspect an affair
    Denies affair
    Why can’t I trust?
    Afraid he’ll cheat
    Suspect wife having affair
    So jealous I can’t breath
    They were found naked
  Confronting an Affair
    Need advice in confronting wife
    Getting the truth about an affair
  Coping with the Pain
    Marriage on the rocks
    Devastated by wife’s affair
    Shock and devastation
    My husband and my friend
    Will I overcome the pain?
    When an affair ends
    Getting over the anger
    He won’t discuss his affair
    The pain is overwhelming
  What About the Children?
    Should I tell the kids?
    Staying for the sake of the children?
    Extramarital affair resulted in child
    She’s pregnant
  Dealing with the Third Party
    Obsessed with the other woman
    Hate the other woman
    Still confused
  Staying or Leaving
    Should I give up?
    Settling for Stability
    Should I stay or should I go?
    Why can’t I leave?
    Anxiety about moving on
    Back and forth
    Better to move on?
    Do I stay or start over?
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