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  Posted: 02/20/2018

Douglasville, Georgia


Brookline, Massachusetts


Our Philosophy
The dedicated staff of Relationship911 / Breakup911 believes that every individual is entitled to a loving, fulfilling relationship. We believe very strongly in the preservation of relationships, the sanctity of marriage, and most importantly, the welfare of the children who are the products of these relationships.  But, we also recognize that many relationships are profoundly unfulfilling, loveless, chronically troubled or even harmful unions that are beyond repair, and that liberation from such relationships is equally as important.

Therefore, we fully support and encourage each person's journey toward achieving their relationship goals. That means offering support and resources to those who desire to rekindle their current relationship; to those who choose to end their relationship; as well as to those who are struggling to recover from the loss of their relationship.

Our Mission
Our mission is to help ease your emotional strife, help you achieve clarity, and facilitate your transition to a healthier, more fulfilling approach to life and interpersonal relationships. We not only want you to survive your current circumstances, but emerge from them thriving!. It is in this spirit that the dedicated professionals of Relationship 911® and Breakup 911® urge you to take advantage of the many resources contained on our website, including all relationship and breakup-related articles, action plans, questionnaires, self-tests, and dynamic content, as well as our online forums, our Breakup BuddiesSM, and Vent CentralSM sections the Couple's ToolboxSM and Relationship Coaching conducted by Relationship 911®/Breakup 911® affiliated practitioners.

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